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Building A Video Production Schedule : How Smart Marketers Break Their Ingredients Into A Series

Building A Video Production Schedule : How Smart Marketers Break Their Ingredients Into A Series

How do some content creators build a loyal following? Do they do webdesign it with a single video, an excellent and perfected viral video that encompasses everything that the brand represents? Do they do it with a few cheap videos or a film-length video?

The common theme for brands with a successful brands message and following is consistency, and that manifests through a schedule of videos. Marketers can separate the content into digestible parts, making a video production effort that manages to say a lot over a longer period of time.


The secret is packaging. A production may be one small piece of a much larger picture. It is well-known that viewer attention spans are short. Promptness and efficiency go a long way. A video may only be about two minutes, which is a great length. But, not a lot can often be said about a brand in three minutes. Due to this design, marketers will create a single and pointed message for the video. This could incorporate one idea of the few below:

What is the action to do after watching the video?

what is the main idea?

What was learned through the video to apply to life?

How do viewers learn more and where do they go?

Where’s the next video?

The above helps to create a system of many videos. The video that was just seen can encompass one singular idea. It does not have to define the whole brand. It does not have to reinvent the world.


The single video is more affordable to make than one long video. Perhaps the single long video does not connect, which means a lot of lost potential. Videos broken into parts can tell a larger story over time. They can also be marketed in different ways, delivering one video with a Twitter post and another with a Facebook online video share. The video could appear on the homepage of the web design for a time until it is replaced with another. This keeps the homepage organically evolving. Another video can take the form of a webdesign to test the audience there or become integrated into the main branding.

Savvy marketers create a series. They tell a large story over many videos. Every video fills a different role. It is a cost-effective and smart way to handle big messages. Don’t drop it all from the sky like a hammer. Trickle it out and build a brand story.

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