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6 Why You Should Become A Software Developer

6 Why You Should Become A Software Developer

Technology is the world’s driving force, and most who have been to Coding School end up in software development. There are a few good reasons, with the most notable being a high demand for skilled developers. Below are the most common reasons Coding School grads choose careers in the development field.

It’s Creative

Most people think of painters, musicians and writers when they think of creative jobs, but few know that software developers are equally creative. In many cases, trade-offs must be made, and in every instance, the solution must be correct. Devs create new functions and features where there previously were none, and solutions are expressed in multiple ways.

It’s Collaborative

Another common myth is that developers sit alone at a computer all day. However, software development is usually a team effort, where members discuss programming issues with colleagues, testers, customers and product managers. In learn to code for free, new devs can learn to code about pair programming (working with another dev on the same computer), as well as other common practices.

It’s In Demand

More of the world’s businesses are using and developing software solutions for evolving markets and business demands, but the need is far outpacing supply. Many companies report a serious shortage of developers; however, the tables have turned somewhat, and devs can afford to wait for companies with good corporate culture and work/life balance.

It Pays Well

Software development creates an enormous amount of value. There’s no marginal expense in selling extra copies of already-developed software, and this, combined with the high demand for skilled devs, means that the pay scale is quite high.

It’s Future-Proof

Many jobs have disappeared because they can be automated and replaced by software. However, all these new programs need development and maintenance, so the long-term job outlook for developers is great.

Local Developers Do it Better Than Outsourcers

Outsourcing is a common concern in the development field, as many companies contract these tasks out to devs in countries with lower salaries. While the idea is good in theory, in practice, it doesn’t work as well. When software is a company’s main product, the experience and knowledge gained during development is a significant competitive advantage. When companies hire local developers, it’s easier for team members to share that knowledge.

Becoming a Winning Software Developer

Software development is enjoyable for a variety of reasons, but it’s not right for everyone. Thankfully, Coding School provides an easy way to give programming a try. If someone has never programmed before, these courses and tutorials can give them a feel for the process of software development and coding.

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